Jaques signed up to the ’30 for 2030’ initiative, launched by the Herefordshire Climate and Nature Action Partnership in January 2022. Jaques became one of 30 businesses and organisations in Herefordshire leading the way towards zero carbon by the end of the decade. Committed to taking a leading role in the county’s response to the climate emergency, Jaques have already begun several green schemes.

Lauren Jaques, Human Resources Manager at Jaques said: “Auditors were impressed when conducting a carbon footprint report earlier this year. Sustainable initiatives to date include wood burners in the workshops to heat the space from off cuts of wood, rather than using the gas heaters. We have also replaced all our lightbulbs with energy efficient LED bulbs. Our rubbish goes to a waste recycling company, who sort and recycle the majority of it. They claim that up to 75% of rubbish is diverted from landfill.

“We’re committed to making positive changes and pleased to join the county’s challenge to become carbon neutral. We’re taking baby steps now but every little helps.  At The Old Hatchery we are planning a Repair Shop style event where members of staff can bring items in to be fixed and recently organised a Litter Picker afternoon with some of our workforce out cleaning up our county.”

By joining the Green Footprints initiative, Jaques will make positive changes and a difference in Herefordshire’s journey towards a greener future, creating a more sustainable community and leaving a lasting positive impact for a healthier environment.