Empowering Community Through Sports and Charity

At Jaques Int Limited we’re thrilled to be one of the sponsors of the Lucs in Green Charity Rugby Shirt. The Luctonians Charity Day will take place on Saturday 30th September at Mortimer Park. The 1st XV will wear a one-off playing shirt, which will be auctioned off after the game in aid of We Are Farming Minds and the Luctonians.

We Are Farming Minds is a remarkable charity organisation dedicated to promoting mental health awareness and well-being in the farming community of Herefordshire and beyond. Farmers face unique challenges and pressures that can take a serious toll on their mental health. We Are Farming Minds offers vital resources, counselling services, and a support network to help farmers cope with stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

Luctonians Sports Club and Charity Group goes outside the realms of sports to create a positive impact beyond the rugby pitch. The charity leverages the spirit of rugby to raise funds and awareness for various charitable causes, supporting local charities, schools, and community initiatives.

As a company, we have deeply rooted connections to the Luctonians Rugby Club, with employees who are, and have been, team members and through sponsorship. Our business is also intrinsically linked to agriculture. With poor mental health in farming being 46% higher than in other occupations and rural communities having less access to support we are delighted to be sponsoring the Lucs in Green Rugby Shirt, a small way of offering support to We Are Farming Minds and the invaluable service they provide:

Support Offered:

  • 24 hour support through our dedicated support line
  • Funding for professional counselling if required
  • Mental health training to individuals and professionals in the farming community
  • Resources and advice for further help
  • Social events to combat isolation and bring farmers together
  • Reassurance through personal experience that things can and will get better
  • A befriending service for people that are lonely or isolated

As a family business, we firmly believe that businesses have a responsibility to give back to the local community. By sponsoring Lucs in Green, we are extending our reach and impact on charitable causes that matter to Herefordshire and our farming community.