To Build or Not to Build? That is the question….

Brexit, Covid-19, international trade deals, inflationary pressures, avian influenza and the atrocities being faced in the Ukraine have all created an unstable business environment, the like of which we have not known before. Therefore, decisions about growing and investing in a farm business are challenging. Most poultry farmers are seeking similar goals, efficiency, sustainability and

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Innovative Mobile Housing Design

Stephen Jaques, Jaques Int Limited & Duncan Janaway, from Hampshire based Whitewater Farm, embarked on a collaborative project to develop mobile units for organic free range egg production. Durable, low maintenance housing has created the perfect environment to optimise the performance of laying hens. Installed without the need for foundations, this innovative mobile housing design

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Refurbish, Reuse & Recycle Poultry Housing

Double-digit cost inflation is hitting every single enterprise of British agriculture, casting doubt on the sector’s ability to maintain food supplies in the year ahead with animal feed, fuel and fertiliser prices astronomically high. Cashflow now poses an existential threat to many businesses and a real risk to food security. Poultry farmers are being challenged

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