Free range broiler poultry housing is designed to meet the latest industry welfare standards, taking into account the number of birds housed, specific poultry integrator requirements, type of ventilation, feeder and drinker equipment required.

Designed and built to last using high quality materials, most free range broiler units are naturally ventilated with large side wall air vent openings and insulated doors, operated on a rack and pinion system. Alternative ventilation equipment can be integrated, typically air inlets, fans and heat recovery systems as specified.

Tailored specifications incorporate additional insulation, solar (PV) panels or green energy technology as required.

Insulated pop-hole doors to provide access for the birds to the external range area are fabricated and installed. Like the vent doors, the pop-hole doors are also operated on motor driven rack and pinion systems. Manual operation is also possible.

Windows to provide natural light to the buildings are installed as standard. High quality toughened double glazed units are used to prevent excessive heat loss in cold weather or solar heat gain in hot weather. Simple black out covers are provided.

The service and control room areas are designed to house the equipment and electrical panels that operate ventilation, lighting, feed, drink and pop-hole door systems. Bio-security measures to protect against disease are incorporated as standard. Additional storage rooms are a favoured addition as well as toilets and other welfare facilities. Canopies over the main building access doors are popular, these can include curtains to limit light during the catching process.