Free range egg laying poultry housing is designed to meet the latest industry welfare standards, taking into account the number of hens housed, type of nest system and ventilation equipment required.

Designed and built to last using high quality materials, housing projects range in size from 2,000 bird organic units to 64,000 bird conventional free range sites.

Tailored specifications incorporate additional insulation, solar (PV) panels or green energy technology as required.

Multi-tier nest systems are the most common type of nesting installed in buildings, but flat-deck systems are still built regularly.

Specified integrated ventilation equipment, air inlets, fans, air scrubbing and heat recovery systems are included. Naturally ventilated units are available.

Egg conveyor and muck extraction belts are incorporated as part of the service.

Developing personalised designs which customise the layout of the service, egg packing and storage areas, to include egg packers and palletisers ensure functional, flexible workflow to improve efficiency for customers.

The service areas are often built as a continuation or incorporated in the main structure of the poultry housing making construction faster and more cost effective, but satellite or standalone service buildings are built where required.