With an unrivalled knowledge of construction in the poultry industry, the Jaques family have been successfully designing and constructing, maintaining, refurbishing and extending poultry housing for over 40 years.

Functional, cost effective, bespoke steel or timber framed buildings are designed with efficiency and sustainability in mind, helping to build and future proof poultry businesses.

Often the existing structures of buildings are sound with many more years of life left to give. Replacing wall and roof panels, adding additional insulation, whilst upgrading ventilation, feed, drink and nest systems where required may be all that is required to extend the life of existing buildings by several decades.

Refurbishment is often a popular choice when budget or planning constraints don’t permit new buildings. With the necessary permissions, it is possible to lift the height of buildings further during refurbishment works to allow easier access of modern machinery.

Improvement works to existing sites can also include addition of biosecurity measures, including link corridors and staff amenity facilities. When extending, expanding or refurbishing existing facilities the existing fabric of the buildings is replaced with modern, durable and easy to clean surfaces.

Poultry houses, both steel and timber frames, are modular buildings in construction and therefore, relatively easy and cost effective to extend. Existing ventilation and equipment systems can be continued into the extended parts of the buildings or can be replaced throughout depending on the client’s requirements.