Stephen Jaques, Jaques Int Limited & Duncan Janaway, from Hampshire based Whitewater Farm, embarked on a collaborative project to develop mobile units for organic free range egg production. Durable, low maintenance housing has created the perfect environment to optimise the performance of laying hens.

Installed without the need for foundations, this innovative mobile housing design is a fully insulated steel portal framed structure on galvanised skids. The 9 x 50 metre long units have a raised slatted area for nests, winch operated pop-holes, insulated vent doors, on hand operated rack and pinion system, as well as a self-contained egg packing room.

Stephen Jaques, Managing Director of Jaques Int Limited, specialists in all types of poultry buildings said: “Working with Duncan Janaway on this collaborative and innovative project has been inspiring. The mobile structures are built with the environment and sustainability in mind. The mobile housing will last in excess of 25 years.

“Insulation was a key design consideration. These structures are designed to keep birds warm in the winter and cool in the summer – the roof profile sheets are insulated with 150 mm of fibre glass to achieve this. The flaps in the housing, which are also insulated, help to control the temperature of the shed and aid air flow.

“Environmentally, not only do these mobile housing units reduce the impact on the range long term, helping to maintain soil structure and reduce disease, they are designed with the environment in mind” Steve says, “It’s a balance between agricultural enterprise and being guardians for wildlife and the environment. Fitting galvanised guttering on each side of the housing means that rainwater can be collected and piped away to the edge of the range, preventing areas around the house from getting waterlogged, providing an enhanced range for the chickens to roam in.”

Duncan Janaway said: “We are heavily involved in green energy, with a focus on sustainability and environmental impact. Heating and electricity is provided by solar panels and two CPH plants, powered by biomass. At present the electricity supply is supplemented by a green energy supplier but as the project develops provisions are being made for mobile solar units on the range.

“Working with Jaques has been a great opportunity. The sustainability and durability of the four housing units, each housing two thousand birds, has been a great success so far and we look forward to working together in the future.”

From headquarters in Herefordshire, the Jaques family have been successfully designing and constructing high quality poultry buildings across the UK for over 40 years. Stephen Jaques and his brother Chris have unrivalled knowledge of construction in the poultry industry.