Innovative mobile housing design is installed without foundations and is a fully insulated steel portal framed structure on galvanised skids, built with the environment and sustainability in mind. Suitable for:

– Free Range Broiler Housing
– Free Range Layer Housing
– Broiler Housing
– Pullet Rearing Housing
– Turkey, Duck, Pheasant, Partridge and Quail Housing

Poultry housing is designed to meet the latest industry welfare standards, taking into account:
– Number of birds housed
– Nesting system
– Egg handling equipment
– Packing and storage facilities
– Specific poultry integrator requirements
– Enhanced biosecurity measures
– Type of ventilation
– Feeder and drinker equipment required

This innovative mobile housing design is easy to move using modern farm machinery.

Mobile housing supplied to date has varied in size from breeder buildings 12m x 3.5 m to organic egg laying units measuring 9m x 50m, with a raised slatted area for nests, winch operated pop-holes, insulated vent doors on hand operated rack and pinion system, as well as a self-contained egg packing rooms.

Mobile poultry housing is often a popular choice when integrator, supply systems, existing set-up or planning/environmental constraints exist.